An entrepreneur is often found lurching from one problem to another. In this sorry state of affairs, having a good mentor on board can be of great help. In the tough and unpredictable life of an entrepreneur; a mentor can prove to be the most powerful weapon. A mentor provides Research Market For Your Idea, helps you generate capital and provides the experience you might lack. For a startup business to bloom, a good mentor can be the ideal support. There are few tips to keep in mind before you start your hunt for a mentor. Some of them are listed below:

Understanding your needs
You mentoring needs vary depending on your business. The mentoring need is different for a startup and well-established business organization. Before you approach a mentor, clearly list out the skills and support you need from your mentor to reach the next level. A well-planned Mentoring Program provides excellent Research Market For Your Idea.

Listen more
If you are budding entrepreneur, it may be hard to stay silent with all the new business ideas in your mind. But, the key to find a potential mentor is listen more, pay attention and you will able to filter out the right mentor for your business.

Being ‘mentorable’
The key to being a successful entrepreneur is the willingness to learn new things. Do not come off as a person who knows anything and everything. Consider the new ideas of your mentor even if they do not meet your expectations.

All help is good help
Your mentor may possess better expertise in a particular field but that’s perfectly alright because all help is good help for a growing business. Absorb all you can and benefit from your mentors.  Taking notes during your sessions with the mentor is a good idea.

Being able to provide a wide Research Market For Your Idea, a good mentor is the most powerful weapon an entrepreneur can possess.