Business is not only about buying and selling, it is a more complex subject than it looks. It requires determination and constant hard work to be successful in any business. New comers in an organization may need some time to understand the working model and the nuances of the business. The mentors are people who literally hold their hands and guide them for their growth, sometimes even experienced and expert professionals consult their mentors for advice.

Qualities that a Mentor should posses
1.    Interest to help and share expertise: A mentor should be interested in helping and sharing their expertise. They should be enthusiastic and ready to help whoever seeks their assistance. A mentor will understand the reason why you are asking for their advice and will take it seriously and so they will be committed in helping and give as much time and information they could.
2.    Availability: A mentor must be friendly enough, so that they are easily approachable. They should also and have adequate time for holding sessions.
3.    Good Listener: A good mentor will always be a good listener. Good listeners are always good in analyzing the problem and finding a solution. Instead of blabbering about themselves or something else they will try to go deep into the issues that have been brought in-front of them. Therefore good listening skills are a must.
4.    Discretion: A good mentor will always keep your revelations discreet. You should have faith on your mentor regarding their discretion. All the discussion should remain between the mentor and the mentee.
5.    Honesty: A mentor will always be honest with you and give you a blunt answer regarding any kind of shortcoming or demerit with you.

Mentors are required at every step of our lives. Not only for business related advices but also for our personal lives and while making life changing decisions like choosing the right career, etc. But anyone and everyone cannot be a mentor, so choose your mentors wisely as you will be greatly dependant on their advices.