Numerous businesses start up every year but only 50% of these survive through the first year. if a business is established in the market for sometime, it has to expand itself to cope up with the competition. In today’s competitive world, it is very important to set your business’s goals and strive to complete them. You have to perform comprehensive researches on various aspects, compare all the options and strategies to pick out the best one and promote your business. You have to make detailed financial plans, target the right market (this will help you to earn more profit), form alliances and carry out marketing schemes for your business.

·    Market Research
To plan new strategies for the growth of your business, you should have a comprehensive knowledge of the current market trends, your competitor’s strategies and all your options. Before taking any business decision, you should do your homework and make out a list of possible plans and then chalk out their outcomes and then decide which plan works best for you.

·    Promotion Of Your Business
The more people know about your business the more you will earn. Promoting your business is very important to keep up with the competition. Spread the awareness about your business and make strategies to target the right audience.

·    Monitor The Strategies
After deciding on one strategy, you should monitor on how it is working out, if it is meeting the targets that were set before implementation, and is it helping in the growth of the business. Before implementing any strategy, some goals are set which should be achieved by the strategy. If your current strategy is achieving the goals then it is properly working.

·    Flexibility
If one strategy does not work out according to the set goals, be prepared to move on to the next strategy. Always learn from your mistakes. Observe the reasons why your first strategy failed and take necessary precautions while implementing your next strategy.

In business, you have to take risks, but calculated risks will benefit you. If you perform the market research and then decide your promoting strategy accordingly, there are fewer chances that it will fail. For instance, today online marketing is very effective to promote your business. Use the social media websites to put up your business’s advertisements and spread the awareness about your brand. Do not forget to analyze and monitor your strategies to keep on eye on their development and if they are helping in getting more ROI.