Mentors are the guides:
Startups in a business venture always look for a professional guidance or mentors who can help them to take the business to new heights. The mentor or the guide should be able to train the startups to effectively take on the challenges facing the business house and at the same time make the business venture profitable. These are in short the unique features of Pepkali’s Mentor programs, which are exclusively designed for the startups. The professional mentors of these agencies will provide guidance the startup needs so that he can move on confidently and face any challenges that he/she may encounter in the business.

Builds confidence:
Pepkali (meaning Bugle) signifies the war to fight against competitors in business which the startup may come across in his day to day business activity. The popularity of Pepkali’s Mentor has grown far and wide because it is very well structured scheme of learning, which makes the startup feel confident and also sets a new goal for the business house.

Other unique features of Mentorship programs could be summarized as follows:

  • Levels of mentorship: The mentorship is provided at three levels namely Champion, Master and Mentor. Champion mentor is for national level application, master mentor state level and mentor is for industry level application. Each level of mentor is so designed it can attract the right talent for the right job.
  • Training programs: This is very crucial for every startup in the business. The agencies conduct periodical training programs, which help the startup to understand every aspect of business management. It may be an evaluation of production process, finance, personnel, market; in short, the training program is intended to give a clear appraisal of every aspect of the business management.
  • Interaction: This is considered to be one of the major gains in undergoing mentorship programs. Every participant will get an opportunity to interact with various other business houses, and thereby it helps them to exchange ideas and also build a closer rapport among themselves. Such rapport certainly provides enormous benefits to the startup business house.
  • Career development: Some of the agencies have introduced several innovative career development programs. Such programs are known to be very useful for startups. These career development programs are designed to provide complete information on various aspects involved in different business ventures.

Mentorship programs are aimed to benefit startups in business ventures. As experts say, the mentorship programs have also benefited in revival of sick industries.