Importance of development plan:
Experts are of the opinion that development of industry should be viewed from several angles like product management, financial management and personnel management and so on. If there is a lack of coordination in any one of these facets, it can affect the prospects of the industry, and such industry may fall in the category of ‘sick industry’. Revival of sick industry is a challenging task because it needs an in-depth analysis of the problems affecting the industry. Such industries normally take the help of an industry development plan through Pepkali, which is considered as an ideal platform for resolving every problem facing the industry and put the industry back on the right track or progress and profitability.

Applicable to even performing industries:
The industry development utility of Pepkali is open to even industries that are performing well. By making use of the industry development plan through Pepkali performing industries can further accelerate their progress and can even double their profits. The well qualified and experienced staff of these agencies provides feasible solution for every industry that seeks its guidance and assistance.

The unique features of the industrial development plan envisaged by this agency are briefly described here:

  • In depth analysis: The turnaround managers of the agency will make a root cause analysis which can include production process, issues facing management, coordination among staff and various other related issues. In fact, the agency would even conduct SWOT analysis, which is one of the popular cost analysis patterns. After analysis, the turnaround managers of the agency will prepare a strategy to resolve the issues, and they also oversee the pattern of implementation of various procedures evolved by the turnaround managers. All these will enhance the performance of the industry.
  • Exclusive solutions: The turnaround managers will make an in depth analysis of every branch of the industry and provide the necessary inputs along with its suggestions. The suggestions given by the turnaround managers can include a change in policy of the management which can even be a transformation of the management, matters relating to employees such as promotion, retrenchment, replacement, relocation of staff and various other issues. The agency may also suggest changes in the web design and even provide necessary web design and web hosting support.

Build a brand value:
All these will help the industry to build a brand value of its own. The agencies offer these and many other unique services at the most affordable service charges. Several industries have been benefited by these development plans.