The need for mentoring services:
It is a fact that most of the startups in business need some kind of mentoring services or programs. However, the success of entrepreneurs mentoring programs is entirely dependent on how well the program is structured to meet the needs of this highly competitive business world. The mentoring program should deal with not only the sales, but it should also with product management, financial control, personnel management and so on. As you know, all these are complex issues, and the mentor should be adequately qualified and experienced in guiding his startup client so that the startup is able to take the bull by horn.

Well knit program:
Some of the reputed agencies have introduced entrepreneurs mentoring programs that are drafted by highly experienced personnel in the field of industrial management. In fact, these programs are considered to be beneficial not only for startups but also for sick industries. The mentors also called as an originator who will oversee the implementation of every aspect of the mentoring programs so that the business is put on a sound track.

Some of the unique features of the mentoring programs are briefly described here:
Levels of mentoring: Some of the agencies provide mentoring services in three different levels namely; Champion mentoring, Master mentoring and mentoring services. The champion mentoring involves availing the services of personnel from any part of the country. Master mentoring envisages the utilizing the service of personnel within the state while the mentoring services include utilizing the services of personnel within the industry. The persons so selected would assist the mentor in implementation of the programs drawn by him for the startup client in question.
Features of programs: The programs envisaged by the mentor are tailor made to suit the requirements of individual startup. While drafting the program the mentor would make a complete analysis of the existing organization structure of the startup business enterprise. He would also make a detailed analysis of the nature of business, capital flow, including financial management and all other related issues. After a comprehensive analysis of all these aspects, the mentor would prepare a program exclusively made for the client startup. Such startup specific programs have provided wonderful results, and these programs have also received highest positive reviews.

Other services:
Apart from these, the agencies also conduct periodical training sessions where participants also get a start up kit which contains a booklet highlighting the features of the program, details of participants and such other informative materials.