A Perfect Guide to Business Startup and to Revive Sick Industry


Brief introduction:
The sound of Bugle signifies the start of war, and the name of this wonderful but simple brass instrument has been the source of instigation for Business Startup Ideas at Pepkali. Bugle is called as ‘Pepkali’ in some parts of India, and the word is used to highlight the importance of financial liberty through successful business venture. It may be starting of a new business venture or for reviving a sick industry; Pepkali aims to achieve these objectives. Several individuals with innovative ideas have formed groups to provide all the necessary inputs to startups of a new business venture as also for reviving a sick industry.

Professional inputs:
Reviving a sick industry is a tedious task, and it requires professional guidance. The guidance can relate to issues like restructuring of industrial process, market strategy, management of personnel and so on. The Business Startup ideas at Pepkali and such other agencies provide the critical inputs which help the business startup and also the sick industry to move along the path of a successful business venture.

The type of assistance provided to the new business ventures, and the ailing industry could be briefly summarized as follows:

New business venture: The assistance available for the new business venture depends upon the type of business, capital investment, location of the business house and so on. The agencies will provide a ‘vision guideline’ which is purely based on the target customer, nature of product, competitors and the capital investment needed. Other unique services available for new startups include website design, web hosting and management services. Some of the agencies provide these services at different levels like, for example, champion mentor, master mentor and sub-mentor level.

Assistance for sick industry: This is considered to be a very specialized service because reviving a sick industry is always a challenging task.  However, you can find several agencies offering this service addressing issues like industrial management, including production technique, management technique, financial management technique and various other related issues. By implementing the suggestions given by these agencies it has become possible to revive several sick industries. All these industries are now performing at their optimum level and earning considerable amount of profit.

Several business houses and industries have derived great benefit from these agencies. These agencies are regarded as single window agencies where you can get every kind of assistance to start your new business venture as also for reviving sick industrial house.


About Industry Mentoring Services


Mentoring is a new management mantra evolved over the past few years. The meaning of mentoring in the industrial and business management lexicon is no different from its basic concept. It means helping someone through a challenging phase to enable the person to be on his own. So industry mentoring facilities also bring the same inputs to the table and more than the individual, the business or the industry is taken as the mentored. So how exactly does this concept work?

Mentoring Services by Pepkali
Pepkali is a Mumbai, India based business support services company and has developed concepts, and packages meant to help small and medium sized start-up businesses in gaining the full benefit of the services of a senior and experienced professional. This professional, who takes the role of the mentor will virtually chaperon the entrepreneur through the initial tough challenges the business will face and ensure the products are sold through the appropriate markets.

How Does the Mentoring Service Work?
What Pepkali will do is to pick the best person for the job of a mentor for your industry and invest in him so that the person who is a seasoned expert will bring all that he has to bear on the performance of your business. The selected mentor can be classified as Champion Mentor, Master Mentor and Mentor. The titles refer to a country level position, the state level and the one limited to an area of operation respectively.

Pepkali will provide the chosen mentors with all the support they will need, including the training if needed and then allow them to deliver on the promises. There is a reward of shareholding in the project that the mentor is seconded to. It naturally follows that the Master and Champion mentors get a proportionate shareholding as a stack. Even at the Mentor level, the shareholding can keep stacking as he or she finishes one project and moves to another.

Great Benefits of the Programme
The industry mentoring facilities programme from Pepkali is a win-win formula for all. The start-up entrepreneur gets the complete and dedicated support of a senior professional to help build and grow the business at a fraction of the cost he/she would have had to otherwise incur. The mentors have everything to gain for by opting for this programme. They are assured of further learning and knowledge, gathering and putting their managerial skills to effective use and also gain in terms of shareholding. So if you are looking for mentoring services, just hop on and enjoy.

Startup Facilities by Pepkali


How many times have you heard of a friend or a friend’s friend having a brilliant idea but could not succeed in creating a business out of it? Many such people find it difficult to carry the business model forward, primarily because they lack adequate support in the startup phase of the project. In that phase, you are very careful with your spending, and you don’t wish to recruit highly paid executives which could make your fixed costs go high and render the business unviable, even before it takes shape. This is where the startup facilities by Pepkali will come quite handy.

A Little about Pepkali
Pepkali is another name of the organisation whose actual name is Perks N More India Pvt. Ltd., and is located in Mumbai, India. This company, promoted by a group of young management graduates, helps businesses, in particular, the start-ups, which have an otherwise brilliant business model but could fall short of the manpower required at the top levels to lift the business to the next level. This is so desperately required at this stage because failure to cross a certain threshold by the first two years of the business can only take it further downward. There are the venture capitalists and the angel investors. However, their only aim would be to invest their funds and will start demanding their pound of flesh, sooner than later. They would not get involved in any hand-holding operation to help you    r business in any manner. Pepkali therefore, comes up with a unique support structure every start-up would want to have.

The Pepkali Model of Facilitating the Business

The set of services Pepkali will bring into your business start-up would include:

  • Doing a research on the product/ service your industry would offer.
  • Offering the initial mentoring through help in planning and development
  • Getting a proper legal status for your business
    Help in creating a complete website for your business and to market it on the web effectively
  • Even provide you with a temporary office facility like what the business centres do
  • And finally provide online marketing support for your products through their PERKMART website.

This is just a bird’s eye view of what the startup facilities by Pepkali can offer your business. The real picture can only emerge once you contact them, go and sit across and discuss your BIG IDEA with them and let them help you run your business in the best way, from day one. And Pepkali assures you that you continue to own 90% of your business; no dilution.

Step By Step Does The Job


There is a saying that if you drive slower, you can get further. It is kind of true since some things need to be started slowly before they can blossom and grow and become big things people expect them to be. Business world is like a jungle, apologies for the metaphor, but it’s dark and mysterious and most people will never understand it, and the charm is had.  The mystery can be revealed to the passionate and patient, and those dedicated to succeed in the business world. It has to be said that new business owners might need someone with more experience to help them out at first with the start of it all, and Industry Mentoring Initiative Through Pepkali is a great point to stop at, take the time and explore mentoring as a great way to a better future for the business.

Fresh Blood in the Industry
Sounds horrible but when they actually get broken down, it just means that more and more young people are coming into business with fresh ideas and better solutions. The business is getting more and more creative out there. It means that people need some guidance along the way, but it also means that young people can find a common ground with people who have more experience under their belts. Creating a good mix of both the worlds is one of the most important things since it creates the business environment when the little flowers can blossom in full. It means people are more educated and more invested. When they get proper support and guidance, they can create amazing new inventions and conquer the market. Supply and demand is the best when it’s in balance, but the suppliers need to keep the quality up, as the demand is becoming more and more specific.

It is The Future
It is hard to predict what will happen a couple of years from now, but since the world is changing rapidly, there is a need for the collaboration between old and new, to not only pitch the new business ideas but also find back-bone and funding for these ideas. The innovation needs funding and people with market. Also, the experience will offer support throughout the journey, from the business plan to the launch to the different ways of growing the business. In the end, it has to be said, all the involved parties are winners, and the business world has gained more in quality than quantity.

Starting the Business


The life of a businessman can never be an easy path to choose. However, many young people choose to go down this road not because they are afraid of hard times – they know those are going to come, but because they simply do not know where to start with creating their new business. And who could blame them? Starting a business is hard even for the most well educated people who have received the academic background in all things connected with this realm. However, sometimes it’s the simple things they lack and most of the time – it’s not that they have missed something in class. The human aspect of business creation cannot be downsized anyway  since people essentially are the backbone of every business. This means that startup facilities by Pepkali are more important than people realise at first.

Baby Steps Come First
When a young professional decides to change his or her life, sometimes they find a very good business idea forming in their head. However, not all people are sure what to do with this idea and how to make it grow into a full size, successful business, which is not only profitable but also beneficial for the community. And when professionals with years of experience and good education can help – they step in to be the back-up for the upcoming businessmen and women. They can provide details on the economy, which they have learned from experience, as well as advise on the best roads to choose when the business takes off and starts growing. It is an important thing because everyone needs a good starting point. The first jump might not be high, but it has to be steady with enough room to land.

Future Is Here
Many businesses are still run by old men in suits, excuse the metaphor. However, the future of the business world lies in the young, fearless, creative and proud. Sometimes a family-run business can go further with growth and a bit of assistance from a professional than an old business which refuses to follow the new streams and demands of the consumer. The modern consumer is clever and sophisticated and knows his demands to the last detail and a good business will follow the trends, and use social media, which always helps it grow.  These aspects of the business world cannot be forgotten and will bring the future to the present and the present to the future.

Creating a Business


When young people graduate from a university, most of them want to find a stable job, which offers them a sense of security. It means regular income and more or less settled life. A certain percentage of them decide to study further but there are always those who want to start their own business. In the greater picture, it sounds like a great alley where to go, but it can also be a scary road. The modern economic structure is ruthless to young people and budding businesses because of the stiff competition. It is not a bad thing since competition makes every single business owner very aware of the potential risks. It also means that the quality standards are kept up to date. However, for the many people just starting out, it can be intimidating to Place an idea for business growth without knowing what might happen next.

Support is Available
It has to be said that there are professionals out there, ready to help young people to start and manage the growth of their business. There are several things on offer, such as.

  • Information on the market and current economic situation
  • Back-up with knowledge of business running
  • Support throughout the development and growth of the business

And this is just the bigger picture. Well-trained professionals who not only know the business world inside and out, but live and breathe it every day, can answer questions from the smallest to the biggest things concerning the business creation.

Target Audience
More and more people are struggling to find a job after receiving education. People also are afraid to start a business because they lack the knowledge. One person cannot be the smartest in all areas, therefore, young and talented can receive support from people with more experience in the area of business; from writing a business plan to finding the best starting funds as well as the best ways to make the business grow through various mediums. Navigating the market and attracting new clients is easier when there is talent, enthusiasm, hard work and team work involved, creating more successful businesses and encouraging people to follow a dream. This is the best way to see the fruit of the hard labor, when new inventions come into the market because a group of professionals have put their trust and belief in a business idea, which others might have dismissed as “too green” and not ready for realization.

Garnish Your Business With the Best of the Ideas


There are a number of new business ideas that may take birth in your mind every day, but only a few are worth trying as they slowly develop in your conscience. Very important point to consider once you decide and launch your idea on the market is to develop and improvise your strategies to keep up with the competition. You might need investors and sponsors, which may help you to expand your business to earn more profit and sustain on the market. Get best idea for investor by Pepkali as it will help you to gain courage for starting your business and give it a right direction.

  • You will have to advertise your business to make consumers aware of your products and services. If you don’t, then your ideas may die a silent death. The presentation of your business in the eyes of the world is very important for the development of your business. It creates an image of business in front of your consumers, which will give them a chance to make the right choice easily.
  • Creating a positive, enthusiastic and genuine image for your business is very necessary. The internet has become one of the best mediums to promote the business in this online world. If you don’t create an online presence for your business, it will be seen nowhere. It may simply not exist. The internet helps you to stay updated and be in touch with the right people, and hence; you can promote your business well.
  • Targeting the right crowd can only fetch you right and solid results. If you don’t, then your effort can simply land in a wastebasket. Do some market research and get to know your audience so that you can easily target those and get the result that you have been counting on.
    Make a way for your customers so that they can reach you without much difficulty. One way traffic could give you and your customer a bad constipation. Make it easier for your customers to reach you and answer their queries regularly, and if possible, try to meet your clients to make sure that you are aware of their needs.
  • Analyzing your strategies periodically and monitoring their outcome can give you an upper hand. You need to follow the hit and trial method to know which business strategy will work for your business appropriately. Research and study the current market trends that may help you to understand the present scenario of the market and choose what is best for the business.

Start Your Business With Smashing Ideas


Many people across the globe search for a unique partner for turnkey contract manufacturing, but forget about checking as to whether the ones they have found are a sourcing agent or not. There are a few points to look into when one is about to buy business idea with Pepkali. For example, looking at the mechanical engineers on staff, and checking whether they come with backgrounds in consumer products, automotive, industrial design, and more; the team should help you take a conceptual design to reality.  They should also be able to take prototypes and design them for manufacturing. Most importantly, the customer service team should have an experience with all sorts of products and industries. A design and manufacturing partner who has invested in your products’ success will have a proven record of bringing the customer’s vision to life and will always develop their products with their focus on customer satisfaction.

  • The perfect team is the one that works closely with the customers, makes sure that the units are fully tested before being shipped and that every unit matches the customer’s specifications.
  • The customer’s intellectual property should be protected, and the facilities should be located in secure business parks with a 24-hour  security, video monitoring and tightly controlled locked inventory warehousing. If required, it should have the ability to isolate a production facility or floor to maintain the highest level of security possible.
  • Often tough competition makes the manufacturers resort to shortcuts, which may result in poor quality, bad outcomes, project delays, price increase, and much more. However, the companies should understand that their number-one priority should be to understand the needs of the customers.  Once they do so, they can offer an accurate and fair price.
  • Controlling and manufacturing the right products, after analysing the proper way to initialise your business, can be the first and foremost way to start your business afresh.

Another feature of many good companies is that every customer is welcome to visit the factory and tour the facility. The associates meet the customers at a specified place and comfortably escort them to the factory. To make your business secure and safe, you have to give time to your customers, who will let you know more about your shortfalls, more than any other kind of market research will tell you. Connecting with your customers is the best way to keep your business alive.

Get Over Your Start-up Risks With Your Mentor


A good mentor is also important for the right development of any businessperson. For entrepreneurs, it is very necessary to have a business mentor who is experienced and has knowledge about the business entrepreneurs are getting involved in. There are a number of points that let you know why is it necessary to go through any of the mentoring programs for entrepreneurs, as only these can lead to a successful business or start-up.

  • Mentoring is all about passing on the legacy of the professional knowledge and information about the Corporate, its rules, how to handle the different situations and how to solve those issues. The organizations are now briskly implementing mentoring programs to increase their productivity and career development; especially the entrepreneurs.
  • Mentors train the personnel according to the working of the Corporate Management, help in expanding their visibility in terms of goals and methods, and teach how to work in a challenging environment. Moreover, there is an improvement in the services of the organization, and it helps in better strategic planning with the implementation of mentoring programs.
  • Developing better business strategies and catering towards organic growth of the business, in a manageable way, is one of the attributes of the mentor that can prove to be very effective for the entrepreneurs.
  • He or she also improves business practices and procedures. This further helps in reducing the expenditure of the company. Not only that, one can also see an increase in the turnover. The company is also able to establish stronger client relations and strives towards better productivity of business; hence increased profitability.

The Business Mentor should be an all-rounder with extensive business experience that enables the entrepreneurs to think and learn from the mentor’s past actions in dire situations, helping them to avoid or solve such situations in the future. Additionally, he or she imparts knowledge, ideas and advice for tackling various challenges faced by the business.

A mentor is a worthwhile investment for the entrepreneurs, if the one who is taking the services of the mentor, is always able to fetch the expected benefits from the mentor. You need to go through mentoring programs as these can assist you in getting valid results. For any start-up, there are hundreds of risks that one has to face, it is good to face them with the right person who can guide you to the right destination.

Start Business With the Right Approach


Starting a new business start-up can be risky, as well as beneficial too, if you strike the right chord. If a business is established in the market for some time, it has to expand itself to cope with the competition. In today’s competitive world, it is very important to set your business goals and mentoring programs by Pepkali are one to look for once, before you do.

  • You need to perform a research on different scenarios, and then compare all of them to select the best one and promote your business. You have to make detailed financial plans, target the right market with the right audience, form alliances and carry out appropriate marketing schemes.
  • Advertisement and good publicity can help you establish a good image in front of your customers and appointing a good person for this purpose could fetch you a number of benefits. You need to follow hit and trial method to know which business strategy will help you to start your business appropriately.
  • Always learn from not just yours, but also from others’ mistakes. Observation can help you in finding the reasons why any strategy fails and take necessary precautions while implementing your next strategy. In business, you have to take risks, but taking calculated risks will benefit you.
  • For every organization, it is very necessary to have a business mentor with a great deal of experience and knowledge about the business that the organization is getting involved in.
  • It is important for every business to keep all their options open.
    Developing better business strategies and catering towards organic growth of the business, in a manageable way, is one of the attributes of the mentor that can prove very effective for the organization.  After all, a good mentor is also important for the right development of any businessperson.
  • Finding new clients, and developing sales and marketing strategies for the same in the broader business environment.
  • Acquiring new clients and managing them properly is the key to expanding business. Hence, you need to take care of this aspect properly. And seeking the help of a mentor here is always a good idea.
  • Mentor always improves business practices and procedures, thus helping in reduced expenditure and increased turnover, and also establishing stronger client relations and striving towards better productivity of business; hence increased profitability.
  • There is always a good deal of risk in any new or old venture, but it’s a mentor’s knowledge and confidence that lends you pseudo confidence, even if not the real one, for starting a new one.